From Beauty Consultant to Sales Director ~

Within less than one year, she manages to climb from Beauty Consultant to become Sales Director!

DSCN4643Kiri: Senior Sales Director Nurul Shakirin Kanan: Sales Director Norbai’aah

 DSCN4637This is actually my “nenek” (by pangkat) in Mary Kay team. Amacam, nenek saye!

 DSCN4646Poem yang sangat meaningful to women in Mary Kay.

(Baca tang perumpamaan ciri-ciri bunga ros)

DSCN4632Gifts from SD (kak) Bai to her.

DSCN4649Sedikit penerangan berkenaan career path in Mary Kay

Every new Mary Kay Beauty Consultant (BC)  has their own reason to be recruited into Mary Kay team.

Ada yang because of money (don’t be shame to tell people you want more money!)

Yes, it is true that money is not everything

But you need money to do almost everything!


As for me, I joined Mary Kay to build up my self confidence!

My aim is to be brave and confidently talking in front of a large group of people !

Therefore I started with skin care demonstration with small scale of women ..



with only RM 180 then you’ll become BC with stuffs like photo below

DSCN4647 (normal size ok, not travel size / sample)

Every movement needs a start.

The important things are..

(there’s only TWO)

  1. Get a start
  2. Don’t quit

Give me a call untuk pertanyaan berkenaan recruitment ini! Saye tak makan orang ~Hubungi Mommy Q di 013-337 2007 / untuk percubaan produk secara percuma !


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